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Tom Thompson by Garry SheadTom Thompson is Publisher and proprietor of ETT Imprint. Born in 1953, he has worked a journalist and art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald and The National Times. He has authored fourteen books including Growing Up in the Sixties (1986), Hors Texte (Paris, 1997) and Hurstville Oval (2002). He was Publisher at the Australian Bicentennial Authority (1984-1988), and developed the Imprint label as Associate Publisher for Collins in 1988.

As Publisher of Literature at Angus & Robertson (1989-1993) he developed the Imprint Classics, Lives, and Critical Studies series and was Publisher of the A & R poetry list. In 1994 he published the first Imprint titles under Editions Tom Thompson, in association with HarperCollins, from whom he purchased the trademark and titles over the next two years. Currently he is completing editing some unpublished works by Henry Miller, including Nexus2 and The Paris Notebooks (Editions Autrement, Paris 2004).

Miles Orchard has created a number of websites in the past few years including a comprehensive history of the ashes He has also designed the Mudrooroo site , a site for Muthiah Muralidaran and co produced ETT Imprint with Tom Thompson amongst others.

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